About Oliphant Financial

An Industry Pioneer

As one of the original ARM organizations in the United States, Oliphant Financial, LLC. (Oliphant) has helped to shape and lead an industry that has emerged as a prevalent venue for the ARM needs of many types of creditors. 

Founded in 1992, Oliphant has grown to match the needs of an ever expanding debt industry.  To match those needs, Oliphant has diversified its corporate purpose to include varying sectors of the debt industry, including: debt servicing, and legal/agency outsourcing.

As a result of the pioneering efforts of Oliphant, and its continuing involvement today, OLIPHANT is well respected within the industry.  By utilizing internal and outsourcing resources, Oliphant is well positioned to sustain its growth while weathering the normal cyclical nature of the industry.

OLIPHANT strives to maximize revenue while minimizing risk.  By adhering to a corporate philosophy that emphasizes strict adherence to all applicable federal, state and local statutes, ordinances and regulations, Oliphant cements itself as a valuable member of the ARM industry.  Oliphant perceives itself as an industry leader with regards to the ethical and legal application of debt servicing.


The Oliphant Way

Our Mission
To profitably and ethically provide leading-edge and unsurpassed debt Teamresolution services focusing on compliance, integrity, dignity, respect, and conviction.
Our Vision
To inspire and deliver visionary approaches that are designed to continually empower us to form the momentum that constantly pushes us to set the industry standard.
Our Values

- Safety, health, and compliance come first.  This is non negotiable.
- Supporting our team members’ happiness and excellence
- Creating long-term “win-win” partnerships with our clients
- Fostering respect for and from our customers and clients
- Building wealth through profitable growth
- Encouraging the open exchange of ideas


Our History

  • Founding. Oliphant has been in the ARM industry since Feb 1992.
  • Oliphant participates in balance transfer credit card programs on experimental basis; Melody Cuff joins Oliphant from CFS's Asset Sales division to head Oliphant's debt sales activity.

  • Oliphant participates in the formation of the industry's first trade organization for the debt buyer community, which came to be known as Debt Buyers’ Association (DBA).

  • Oliphant initiates the design and builds the WorldWide Debt Exchange (WDX) client-server trading platform – http://wwde.com/ – featuring a client-server architecture for Internet enabled trading. Designers and architects of Fidelity Investment's brokerage trading application, AmeriTrade and AccuTrade's MS Windows based trading software and other major systems provide the program's development.

  • Oliphant enters the performing asset sale market – advising/consulting asset sales of nearly $500 Million.

  • SIFIndex (SIFI), the first collection related index, started live data gathering in March-2002. SIFI was formed as a joint venture between Robert Morris and SunTrust Robinson-Humphrey. SIFI is currently under direction of Mark Hughes and Jack Sherck at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey; Robert Morris, OFC.

  • Oliphant sells the first Canadian Bankcard portfolio using the WDX selling platform .

  • Beam project finishes first prototype and begins Oliphant testing. "Diligence" tool project started.

  • Beam project expected to open to a limited group of testing partners at the mid-year, generally available in Q4.