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As one of the original debt purchasing organizations in the United States, Oliphant has helped to shape and lead an industry that has emerged as a prevalent venue for the ARM needs of many types of creditors. Today's debt purchasing market consists of an increasing number of asset classes ranging from the traditional unsecured lines of credit, credit cards, and installment loans to unpaid service bills from service utilities, medical providers and a wide range of professional services


The utilization of a credit as a basic component in most sales strategies have created an unprecedented number of borrowing venues that continue to grow at a robust pace. Consequently, the problem of managing accounts as they cycle from early delinquency to charge-off has become more significant than ever. Now, creditors of all types manage their charge-offs through the use of debt sales to accelerate their recoveries, minimize operational costs and focus resources on the higher yielding accounts. 

This company is a debt collector.  We are attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Major Benefits

Logo21. Greatly enhanced cash flow.
2. Sales process is impervious to cyclical changes in charge-off
3. Significant reduction in oversight and process audit costs.
4. Diminished legal risk during recovery operations.
5. Diminished exposure to economic change risk.


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